The essence of this project is to make your financial
life easier

Patrons is an investment for your future

It’s a utility token due to its liquidity and functions on the Smart Chain with Blockchain technology. This is immutable,
so it has a reliable security system.


When an ecosystem is solid, it generates income and these goes to each one of the token owners.

Patrons is created on the belief of solid monetary systems, such as the Gold Standard (Patron-oro in Spanish). This reflects the wingspan of the platform,
mainly supported with gold to create a bold alternative against inflation.

On this note, we decided to build an experienced team to create a crypto currency supported by gold. Patrons is also crafted on the concept of Maecenas, which were the sponsors of scientists, athletes and artists on the Roman times.

Today, this notion is used on a more philanthropic way, to support the development of ideas, projects and initiatives that helps society to grow
in different ways.

Technology plays a huge part on humanities wellbeing, economically and socially speaking. Patrons is born
to facilitate financial life and interaction of their users with the platforms of the future.

Generating easy ways to purchase, pay, trade and invest in any digital assets that are needed. Soon, the users will be able to support and sponsor artists through NFTs just like Maecenas did in ancient days. Everything on a decentralized and secure platform.


Position Patrons platform as one of the market leaders in crypto currencies and ecosystems on South America and the MENA region.


Our vision stands on building a solid crypto currency backed by gold while having a firm digital ecosystem.



Patrons is a collaborative concept that believes on economical fairness and the facilitation of complex knowledge and
systems to support a common growth.

 We will build our own Blockchain and work with a self made Crypto-Fiat Bank, this will exist on both digital and physical worlds and will allow our community to easily transfer their currencies in real time on an intuitive platform.

Our economic system is targeting gold as
its main support, creating an innovative
and solid structure that can overcome
major socioeconomic issues like inflation.



Today is impossible to pay with crypto currencies on local shops and services

This is because of the difficulty and lateness on fiat conversions

The main crypto wallets and exchange platforms are tech-heavy and target a highly educated audience in terms of Blockchain knowledge

Patrons can ease all fiat-to-crypto transactions and make your user journey way more intuitive.

Accomplished so far

Phase 1

What is coming

Phase 2


Why an App?

We want to make it possible for those who prepare their business for the future


Introducing the security of Blockchain into a financial platform

To make our ecosystem more competitive, we have created a decentralized and online bank, with access from any ATM to your fiat and crypto account through Patrons card, being able to access your Patrons capital (crypto or fiat) at any time.

Open to investors in the form of fixed-term savings plans of 6 and 12 months with a fixed income. Patrons Bank is like a control table where you can also add external accounts from your personal bank to check your balance, being able to add up to 3 existing accounts.

Our Team

Wilson Javier Galarza
CEO - Founder

Bank & Administration

Economist Soraya Galarza Robles
Counter Lic: Gustavo Piedra Jumbo


Rolf Scheffler
Joachim Cammermeyer
Camilo Ramos Romero
Jone Smedsvig

Soraya Galarza

Computer engineers

Cristhian Peñafiel
Alfonso Martínez Sánchez

Commercials & Sellers

Daniel Marino Macias
Estefannie González Martínez
Evelin Jaramillo Rojas

I am in it to
“Do good
and do well”–

By democratizing payments
globally, we can touch lives and
businesses in a profound way.
It is all about impact with
a human touch.

Rolf Scheffler

With security and
Blockchain Technology

Dalton Agila Espinosa

Responsible for the development and proper functioning of the systems and technology infrastructure of the Patrons project.

Alex Rodrigo Galarza

Analyzes and tests the technology for the development of the company

Marketing Campaign

Jamie Cormack

Alex Thorp


Grassroots was established by a team of digital and creative experts with a crystal clear vision of creating a modern and exciting creative agency that understands present-day design and the crucial aspects of social media marketing and growth.

Jamie and Alex own the digital marketing agency Grassroots in Dubai and are responsible for marketing the Patrons project.

Brazil Locations